Irena Filippova
VJ Glitterende Eenhoorn & Princess Lae
Marynka & Masha IV
Raagmala Suite
Iphis et Ianthe
Raagmala Suite
Avi Kishna

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Women In Paradise and made it a success! For those who weren’t able to make it, don’t worry we’ll be posting pics, videos and news at this website and check our socials this week and throughout the year.

The Women In Paradise Festival has wrapped for 2015 and it was a good one. From the mind-bending performances from Iphis et Ianthe and Sarah Maple, to the irrepressible antics of Afke Reijenga, to the disarming poetry of Stella Bergsma, to the phenomenal art of Glitterende Eenhoorn with Princess Lae, to the incredible evening sets by Nausica, Saskia Laroo, Clara Opoku, Irena Filippova, Hadewig Kras, B.O.O.M, to our most charming Ragmala Suite, Frame25 and Masha IV: there were just too many highlights to mention.

To re-live some of the moments that made this year so special, check out the incredible video that RatatouilleTV made for us. (soon available). For now you can watch the performance of Irena Filippova:

Check out all the photos of 2015 in our moving portrait gallery here.

We are so grateful to all the local and international artists who played, the media, the insanely hard-working production crews, our valued sponsors and everyone behind the scenes. Most of all, we would like to thank you: the Women In Paradise fan. We don’t take your support for granted and we welcome your suggestions on how we can improve the festival, if we are coming back next year. Please take a few minutes to tell us your thoughts. We’re really listening. Click here and give us your feedback.

Stay in touch with us via the internet to hear latest news, maybe we will be back in 2016?

See you and Love,
Marynka Nicolaï Krylova

Thank You